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User Agreement Review


TRACE MODE Forum Rules

This forum allows you to discuss problems of control system design in TRACE MODE � an integrated SCADA/HMI and Softlogic software - with other users or engineers of AdAstrA Technical Support Service


Forum subjects are:
1. The operator interface design and the open PLCs programming in the integrated SCADA/HMI-SOFTLOGIC-MES-EAM-HRM software TRACE MODE.
2. Technical support for control system designed in TRACE MODE.
3. Real time operation of control system designed in TRACE MODE.
4. Interaction between TRACE MODE and other applications not competed with TRACE MODE directly.
5. TRACE MODE integration into the MES/ERP systems.
6. TRACE MODE operation with various I/O equipment.
7. Control system projects designed in TRACE MODE.
8. TRACE MODE development and perfection.
9. Studying TRACE MODE in the Higher School and in the commercial training centers.


1. Any control engineers may participate in the forum with the "read only" rights.
2. Users of the TRACE MODE professional versions or TRACE MODE OEM products may participate in the forum with the "full access" rights after registration.
3. Users of the TRACE MODE free basic versions may participate in the following sections: "Free version" and other open forums with the "full access" rights after registration. The AdAstra technical support is not obliged to answer questions asked in this sections.


1. The use of the following languages is permitted: Chinese, English. At a pinch, you can use the transliteration (vot tak). AdAstrA Research Group personnel assume the right to reply to the messages written in Chinese and English only. Moderators or administrators assume the right to translate any messages from initial language to another one. At that, the original message is kept.


1. Publish messages off the forum topics.
2. Send unsubstantiated or emotional only critical messages.
3. Use impolite or unquotable colloquialisms and personal insults.
4. Send private or empty messages (e.g., "agree", "thanks", "reply emailed", etc.).
5. Correspond/ wrangle with the moderator/administrator on the forum. You can email your questions, wishes and claims to a moderator/administrator.
6. Moderate without permission.
7. Send too large texts, programs or files without a prior moderator agreement. The default maximum message size is 100 kilobytes. Ask the moderator for a permission if the size of your message exceeds the established value.
8. Retell or quote from private posts without an agreement of a post author.
9. Send any commercial news.
10. The use a private information without an user agreement.
11. Ask the AdAstrA engineers directly. Remember: AdAstrA Technical Support Service replies to your questions whereas an individual may be on leave, may get ill, be on business trip, etc
12. Ask other AdAstrA personnel directly � the forum is intended for discussion of TRACE MODE technical aspects only. Email other questions to


1. The discussion of subjects not directly concerned with TRACE MODE. There are other forums available for such purposes.
2. Resending inform messages from other web-sites to the forum. You should send a short information and an URL instead.
3. Avoid overquoting. Keep the valuable information only. Remember: first of all, the participants take interest in your opinion.
4. Abuse of slang. Make your messages clear.


1. A moderator keeps order on the forum. You can ask the moderator only if a doubtful or conflict situation is occurred and only via email. A moderator assumes the right to reply to your question 1-2 days later. If you are rude to the moderator you may be expelled from the forum.

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